An Ocean City Destination since 1977, The Hobbit Resaurant's original location was a cozy white beach house on 82nd Street and Coastal Highway. The ninety seat restaurant, with lace tablecloths, separate dining rooms and a relaxed lounge and bar quickly became a favorite of locals and Ocean City visitors alike.

In 1983 The Hobbit moved into a newly constructed, much larger building at the current location on 81st Street and the Bay. Now equipped with a building designed specifically to be nothing short of a spectacular restaurant, the "second" Hobbit served innovative cuisine in a stunning setting featuring bay views and distinct dining rooms. With its landmark redwood structure, high peaks, white columns and soaring chimneys The Hobbit grew into an Ocean City destination and welcomed thousands of patrons and friends for 22 years.

In 2006 the opportunity arose to create a third edition of The Hobbit Restaurant. Opening in April 2008 and located in The Rivendell Condominium Complex at 81st Street on the Bay, The Hobbit remains under the same ownership and management. We invite you to come in and experience the latest and greatest installment of The Hobbit with fresh, inventive food as well as many of The Hobbits classic dishes... artfully presented and reasonably priced. In coming to the new Hobbit you will find a contemporary dining room featuring clean lines, warm colors, dramatic lighting and the same breathtaking bay views that will only add to your dining experience. The lounge features a fifteen seat bar surrounded by booths and two casual, open seating areas while the dining room features floor to ceiling windows which make for stunning panoramic views of the bay and a perfect venue to appreciate picturesque sunsets. Service at the new Hobbit is just as warm, friendly and attentive as it has always been and we offer our full menu daily beginning at 5 p.m.

Make reservations today and enjoy a new and elegant Ocean City dining experience.